The cheapest excursion through Taganrog

Excursion route passes through the old town, where one can visit old merchant houses, a stone staircase, and sundial.
Tourists will see the monument to the founder of Taganrog — Peter the Great, Chekhov's house, Chekhov’s shop. Afer
the tour tourists can visit the city's museums, «Chekhov's House», «Chekhov's shop».

City sightseeing tour through Taganrog (duration -7 hours)

Price: 130 USD per person, from 4 to 6 persons — 85 USD per person, maximum 6 people (2 cars with conditioner) 
Languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish. 
Please, drop us a message if you are really interested in :)
Extra fees for museums are included 

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