Excursion through Starocherkassk

During a walking tour through the village, tourists will see the main square, Maidan, Cossack-smoking house, the
main church of the Resurrection Cathedral, Chiefain Compound, they can learn about the life, customs and traditions of the Cossacks. Afer the tour one can visit the museums: the Cathedral of the Resurrection, Ataman's Palace; vacation on a sandy beach in the poplar grove on the banks of the Don River.

City sightseeing tour through Starocherkassk (duration -5 hours)

Price: 80 USD per person, from 4 to 6 persons — 50 USD per person, maximum 6 people (2 cars with conditioner) 
Languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish. 
Please, drop us a message if you are really interested in :)
Extra fees for museums are included 

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